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Michael Parkinson: Jade Goody Comments

Recently the comments by Michael Parkinson were said to have caused outrage in the wake of Jade Goody's death. But were his comments truly terrible? Was Jade uneducated and ignorant. Well yes she was, we saw that in her time in the Big Brother house with her pathetically stupid comments and her racist words towards Shilpa Shetty.
Before she was diagnosed with cancer the press DID try and persuade us we should hate her and they call her a pig-face slapper. I'm not saying that Sir Parky's comments were appropriately timed in such a short time after the reality stars death but I am saying they ring true.
Why should we mourn her death? She WASN'T a martyr or a saint what had she ever actually done with her life other than win a reality TV show, even then no one actually liked her. She said in her own words " I have achieved more in 27 years than most do in a lifetime" well if she is saying that most people achieve absolutely nothing then she is correct.
Some people called for her to be given an award for bravery, but dying isn't brave, it's just something that happens to everyone. I mean name me one person who isn't going to die.
Thousands of people are dying of cancer and they aren't offered rewards and medals.
Why can't people open their eyes and see that mourning celebrities is pathetic, you are crying over someone who you never even knew and never actually did anything for you.
Let's just leave it there.


Does Jade Goody Deserve all the attention she is getting?

Really this is a mixed issue, i feel deeply saddened that she is a young girl with 2 young children and that she has to die like this. Also i think its great how so many more women have been getting cervical smear tests since Jade Goody's story hit the papers. But i was wondering is it as big of a deal as the media make of it?

Jade has received expensive gifts from famous people she has never met, Elton John bought her a huge mansion, My dad has had cancer and he didn't receive a huge house, in fact he still lies in a council flat hooked up to a ventilator. Also she said she wants to raise money for her boys, i would say this was fair enough if she was an ordinary person who had to work hard to survive, but she isn't and she has a £3 million fortune to secure her family with.

Of course she has done some good things such as raising cervical cancer awareness, but her recent saying of how she wanted to die on camera was just a media parade. She wants the attention even now with her expensive gifts and £1 million news story, if her family was anything decent they would send all donations to a cancer charity who would put it towards helping those less fortunate than themselves(please do). Maybe then i would feel that Jade Goody has done a good thing and may have even helped out a poor dying person whose children may not have a future without charity money.

RIP all those who die of cancer
and God bless to all of their families


Trubuzz Gaming

The author of the new "write your own review" website TruBuzz has today admitted that he had underestimated traffic levels and may end up abandoning his new project
more on this later.


Random Title Generator

This is a brilliant tool for generating titles for your stories!

sorry it doesnt work but the html works fine

Random Title Generator

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Anyone got any ideas about a good topic for this page, it can be anything from Animals to Gaming.
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Monty Python - I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts Lyrics

Today i was asked if i could get the I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts lyrics and the video from the Lion King, so here they are!

Down at an English fair,
One evening I was there,
When I heard a showman shouting
Underneath the flare:

Hoi've got a lo-ve-ly bunch o' coconuts.
There they are a-standin' in a row.
Big ones, small ones, some as big as yer 'ead!
Give 'em a twist, a flick o' the wrist,
That's what the showman said.

Hoi've got a lo-ve-ly bunch o' coconuts.
Hevery ball yer throw will make me rich.
There stands me wife, the idol of me life,
Singin' "roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!

Singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!
Singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!
Roll a-bowl a ball, roll a-bowl a boll, singin' roll a-bowl a ball a penny a pitch!


I've got a lo-ve-ly bunch of coconuts (They're lovely!)
There they are a standing in a row.
(One, two, three, four)
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
(And bigger)
Give 'em a twist, a flick of the wrist, thats what the showman said.

Now that hoi've got a lo-ve-ly bunch of coconuts.
Hevery ball you throw will make me rich.
(Have a banana)
There stands me wife, the idol of me life,
Singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!

All together now!

Singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!
Singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!
Roll a-bowl a ball, roll a-bowl a ball, singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch.


Singin' roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!